The Wilderness Years films are the creation of one person - as producer, writer, researcher and editor. They are put together in spare time outside of "the day job", and are a culmination of decades of research of gathering film and video, reading biographies, histories and contemporary newspaper articles. This page gives a little background to the creation of the series.



Back issues of the Yorkshire Evening Post are ordered from the British library in London to be read and scanned. Photos are taken with an iPhone. The front pages and ads can prove be as useful as the back pages, highlighting the culture of the time.  Other newspaper headlines and snippets are sourced via a subscription to the online British Newspaper Archive.




A personal selection of biographies and histories related to the period, and match programmes gathered over the years.


Film and video

Pictures are sourced from film cans, video tapes, dvds and online collections. These are digitised to a LaCie hard drive via a Blackmagic Design digitiser and a MacBook Air.



Final Cut Pro X is the main editing software, with some FCP7 and Quantel in the earlier films. In most cases, this is on a MacBook Air, with its portability enabling editing on trains, planes and sofas.




Three tickets...three big games for this period.


Missionary work...

...spreading the word to India, Nigeria & Kenya!